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My Services

Assessment and Therapy

Psychological assessment and therapy of adults (18+) on issues including:

(please note that whilst only able to offer on-line therapy, I am only working with individuals.  When face-face is able to resume, I will again be able to offer support to couples/dyads).

  • The psychological impacts of chronic and acute physical health difficulties on those experiencing the difficulties directly, and those around them

  • Expectations and preparations for surgery

  • Challenges for people in caregiving roles

  • Anxieties, panic, stress, and phobias

  • Grief, bereavement and loss

  • Depression and low moods, low self-esteem and low-confidence

  • Relationship difficulties including conflict, distance, social difficulties etc

  • Antenatal, Perinatal and Postnatal issues

  • Parenting issues

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Life transitions

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Anger and irritability

  • Work related stress, difficulties and burnout

  • Body image difficulties following illness and related surgery

  • Trauma related to physical health diagnoses and treatment

  • Trauma related to attacks (dog bites, terrorist attacks, violence from others)

Therapy Session

Work place supports and training

Staff supports

I have many years of experience of leading a staff counselling and welfare service within the NHS supporting staff with difficulties including anxiety, phobias, depression, loss, bereavement, suicidal ideation, stress, bullying, working with conflict, experiences of prejudice and trauma.

I have supported and coached individual and staff groups of all levels of seniority, offering critical incident support, reflective practice and consultancy. This and a previous career as a business consultant in the finance sector, have developed in me a keen appreciation of how this area of our life can be either vitalising or demoralising.  I know for myself and have seen for others that a space to reflect on the options we have within or outside the work we are doing can be valuable in revitalising our lived experience.  


I enjoy and am experienced and skilled in developing and facilitiating training and workshops for staff groups, and undergraduate and doctoral degree programmes. 

Stang-up Meeting

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

I am an experienced Clinical Supervisor, another area of the work that I value and enjoy, and have supervised trainee, qualified and senior Psychologists and specialist Counsellors, both individually and in groups.

Psychology Patient
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