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About me

I am an experienced Clinical Psychologist, chartered with the British Psychological Society, and registered with the HCPC and have worked in the NHS for over 15 years.


From my previous role as a senior Clinical Psychologist in a clinical health psychology service I have extensive experience of working with people affected with chronic and acute health difficulties including cancers, stroke, multiple sclerosis, surgical complications, chronic pain and limb loss, and the psychological difficulties such experiences can evoke.  These can include anxieties, depressive states, loss, body image difficulties and trauma responses including PTSD. 


In this role I was also the service lead for the Staff Counselling Service with a focus on individual counselling and the wellbeing of staff teams across the NHS hospital, offering and overseeing counselling, consultancy and coaching to individuals, and reflective practice, training and critical incident support to staff teams across the hospital.  From this work I have developed a deep understanding of how it is to work in such contexts.


Prior to this role I was a specialised clinical psychologist for a community service for older adults facing challenges around ageing, retiring, or the onset of dementia.  Both physical health and new onset mental health difficulties frequently throw up questions around loss of a preferred identity and therapy can be a space to process the losses associated with enforced changes to identity, and to work out how to go forward with a valued life.


Before training as a Clinical Psychologist, I was a Business Consultant in the financial/insurance sector, which has provided me with a confidence working with senior executives and an understanding of business culture.


Qualifications and Registrations

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology – University of East London

  • BSc Psychology (first class) – University of Surrey

  • Chartership with British Psychological Society (BPS)

  • Member of the Association of Clinical Psychology (ACP-UK)

  • Chartered member of The British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology

  • Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) registration PYL23808

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